The Band

Deborah Quinoa - voice, conguera, kit

Born in Isla de Sombrero, Florida, raised in London, UK, with roots in San Antonio, TX - Deborah's musical path has taken her to several cultures & countries, with a recent stint in Mexico studying tenor sax. She's recorded for both Compost Records of Germany & Sinestral Records/4-AD of England.

Will Kreth
- bass

A native of Los Angeles, CA - Will Kreth began his music career as an audio engineer in Eugene, OR in 1983, working with reggae, funk, pop, rock, and avant-noise bands, providing live sound mixing and recording studio production work. Relocating to San Francisco to work with the political/worldbeat band Stick Against Stone (a veteran of the Rock Against Reagan tour), he soon began playing keyboards in the group Kill the Messenger. Later, he began writing his own songs while working at a recording studio, helping produce a feature film soundtrack.


Robert Patterson -

Hailing from Abilene, TX - Robert Patterson has traveled far from his west Texas roots in his quest for the perfect beat. The leader of Austin's own (and only) samba bloco - Sambaxé, Patterson has traveled extensively in Europe and South America, studying percussion - especially the rhythms of Brasil. A student of master Brasilian percussionist Jorge Alabe, Patterson has played at Mardi Gras in New Orleans with Casa Samba, and at festivals around the U.S. with Sambaxé.