What is Casamar?

In Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, it's all the same -
= house, MAR = the sea.

We all come from the ocean, and our bodies -- made up mostly of water, house our consciousness. We all need a home, a place to sleep at night and stay out of the rain. It's "on the House" - on the One, Mi Casa y Tu Casa, the beat the pulse of House music, Get Up for the Down Stroke - we're perpetually building our buildings - inside and out. House of the Ocean - hold it all in, seven Chinese Brothers tried to drink it away, only to find they couldn't keep it inside. Touching all continents, feeding the skies with clouds for rain to give life to the land-lubbers in their dwellings. Certain constants remain - water and shelter are among them. Casamar we are.

What is Urban Equatoria?

The idea behind "urban equatoria" is to create a humid, pheromone-rich hybrid of digital and analog, electronica and organica. Humans and machines playing new music for both body and mind - in real-time.


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