Welcome – more updates coming in August, but our first new songs are coming out 02 October 2020 on all major streaming platforms worldwide.

Casamar – the Domicile of the Mighty Oceans

Welcome! Our debut songs are coming out in October 2020!


WHO is Casamar?

Yusuke Yamamoto (channel U, Golden Monkeys)

  • Born in Hyogo, Japan, and based Brooklyn, NY – composer, percussionist, keyboardist and remixer Yusuke Yamamoto began studying the organ at age 5, percussion at age 11 and soon joined a youth symphony orchestra. He majored in classical percussion at Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo. When his interests later turned to improvisation and jazz, he was awarded a full scholarship in 1990 for studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston. While in Boston, Yusuke studied vibraphone with Gary Burton and Ed Saindon. He moved to New York City in 1995, where he formed the group Golden Monkeys and released its first self-titled album in 1998.   As a multi-instrumentalist, Yusuke has performed and recorded with a wide variety of musicians in the U.S., Japan, Europe, Canada and Mexico. His performances and recordings include the Broadway musical FELA! (2010), “Strange Love” with Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which became the closing theme of the Disney movie Frankenweenie (Tim Burton, 2012), and Blue Man Group’s special events and appearance on TV.  Songwriting credits also include (as co-writer) “Me Gustas Cuando Callas”  [based on a poem by Pablo Neruda] and performed by Verve Records recording artists Brazilian Girls on their eponymous 2005 debut album. Full bio here: https://www.yusukeyamamoto.net 

Will Kreth (MediaGroove Music, Sierra Classic Sound) 

WHAT is Casamar?
In Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, it’s the same translation:CASA = house, MAR = the sea. 
We all come from the ocean, and our bodies — made up mostly of water (+60%), house our consciousness. 
Backstory:  In 1997, on a trip to Brazil – songwriter / producer Will Kreth was inspired when swimming in the Bay of All Saints (Baía de Todos os Santo) in Salvador, Bahia, walking the picturesque Rio de Janeiro, and visiting the coastal town of Buzios – to use the name “Casamar” for his own group. By 2000, he was living in Austin, Texas and playing shows as Casamar (as the bass player in the group). The energy of the players was very rock/world fusion/jammy – which he could only deal with for so long!  By 2003, it was over – but he remembered the inspiration for Casamar as being a peculiar tropical ocean creature of the studio – an “Urban Equatoria” project – inspired by the greats of international electronic pop / mood / dance / groove music. 

In 2019, Will decided to revive Casamar with the intention of taking my electronica songs and making them true to that original vibe. 

What is Urban Equatoria?The idea behind “urban equatoria” is to create a humid, pheromone-rich hybrid of digital and analog, electronica and organica. Humans and machines playing new music for both body and mind – in real-time.

We all need a home, a place to sleep at night and stay out of the rain. It’s “on the House” – “Mi Casa y Tu Casa” – the heartbeat pulse and thump of House music –  we’re perpetually building our buildings – inside and out. House of the Ocean – hold it all in, the old folktale of the seven Chinese Brothers who tried to swallow the ocean, only to find they couldn’t keep it inside. Touching all continents, feeding the skies with clouds for rain to give life to the land-lubbers in their dwellings. Certain constants remain – water and shelter are among them. Casamar we are.


More details soon.